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Old Maroons

Old Maroons

The Old Maroons is the section of the University of Canterbury Rugby Club for all our wonderful past players. We are your link to the club after you have finished playing. Joining the Old Maroons enables past players to maintain lifelong friendships, enjoy the old and new rugby culture of the club, and to proudly support the club and its current players.

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President: Ruzz Barr, +64-21-351-206,
Secretary: Lindsay North
Treasurer: Craig Dickson


Dallas Seymour
Mark Dineen
Mark Thompson
Sarah Helmore
Don Davison
Alan Alty
Rowly Brown
Victor Simpson

Old Maroons Newsletter Editor

Jenny Barr –

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The Maroon Foundation

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The Maroon Foundation is a charitable organisation established in 2018 by the Old Maroons for the benefit of students at the University of Canterbury — particularly those associated with the University Rugby Club.

The objective of the Foundation is to create an inter-generational solution which adds significant ongoing strength to the University of Canterbury and, therefore, to their ability to provide strong and diverse education to the players over the coming decades.

This will be done by the provision of resources (including education in rugby skills and development), facilities, guidance, personal development, career development and, potentially, the provision of scholarships. Essentially, education in the wider sense of the whole person for their future life success.

The funding for The Maroon Foundation will come from Old Maroons who, themselves, have benefitted from and have a strong association with their experiences while playing for the University Rugby Club. This initiative enables past players to support the rugby club and the development of future players.

To find out more visit or email Brian (Chub) Hays, Executive Officer at